Computer Centre

The Computer Centre at Ability Enterprises provides two teaching areas. Its computing facilities are based on IBM compatible microcomputers linked to the Local Area Network (LAN) and internet.  A wide range of software is available for student use including word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation programs.

Teaching & Computing Rooms

The Ability Enterprises Network manages two computer rooms for teaching purposes. All rooms are equipped with Microsoft Windows computers running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and are connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and the Internet. Users of the computing rooms have access to the complete range of software and information available via the AE Network.

Computer Room 1

The computers contain the standard software that allow the students to complete or work on word-processing, spreadsheet and database assignments /projects and undertake multimedia work.  The software allows users to access the network for email or internet browsing. 

Some computers have specialist software e.g. screen readers, screen enlargers, voice recognition, or hardware e.g. BIGtrack mouse, RollerJoystick Plus, mini /large keyboards etc. as requested by staff.

There is an ongoing programme of investment in new computers and software


  • 12 Microsoft Windows computers
  • Lasers & inkjet printers
  • White board with erasable markers
  • Overhead projector, photocopier, digital camera & scanner
  • External Desktop Computer Accessories & Assistive Devices
  • Adjustable table for wheelchair accessibility
  • Adjustable overhead lighting

Computer Room 2

This room, which is off the Main Computer Room is used for

  • Teaching small groups of student a particular topic
  • Giving individual attention to one or a few students
  • As a study room /for students to complete project work
  • Student meetings, group
  • E-Inclusion classes


  • Wireless Access to 6 Microsoft Windows computers
  • Lasers and Inkjet Printers
  • Computer Applications, and Software Packages
  • External Desktop Computer Accessories & Assistive Devices


All chairs are upholstered & have swivel seats, are adjustable & are on casters.  The work surface depth is 35" (30" is recommended for traditional monitors.) & the height is 29" approx. There is an adjustable table which can be raised or lowered for wheelchair accessibility.

Dining Facilities

Students can avail of a main meal served at 1pm daily.  Food is served in our dining area in the centre where both staff and students eat /dine together.  The meals are cooked in the adjoining kitchen.  Fresh produce and foods are sourced locally.  There is no charge.

Bathroom Facilities

The toilets are wheelchair accessible and are suitable for accommodating a wheelchair user and assistant if required.